About us

Play smart. Learn easily. Spend responsibly.

Playing is an integral part of children's lives and its contribution to their development is undeniable. From Plato to Freud, many philosophers, educators and psychologists have dealt with the definition and meaning of playing, a process through which children get the chance to:

  • act freely and spontaneously
  • be entertained
  • get to know themselves and the world around them
  • develop their linguistic skills
  • create and learn by developing their thinking and sharpening their judgment
  • stimulate their imagination and inventiveness
  • express their feelings

Driven by all the above and motivated by our love for children, we have created 3beez with enthusiasm and love , wanting to prove that quality educational games should not be sacrificed in favor of low cost.

In our online store, you will find gifts and toys for all ages, from baby and pre-school toys that aim to provide the necessary stimuli for the development of a child to board games and puzzles for older kids that can bring the whole family together in joyful moments!

You will also find outdoor games that promote team play and exercise, helping children to release their energy and emotions as well as cultivate their social skills.

In addition to pre-school, creative, educational and STEM games you can explore a large collection of books and fairy tales that will suit every age and need.

It's an easy and enjoyable way for children to learn English effortlessly while reading and listening to CDs that will help them assimilate the accent.

Finally, we have created a section for home decoration and especially for kids’ rooms that will allow you to create a beautiful and creative space for every child.

Let’s make our children's world more beautiful and creative together!